Eat. Play. Laugh. Brunch

Marriot Downtown.

Price: Eat (soft) 275* Play (house bev) 380* Laugh (sparkling) 450* - FREE PACKAGE UPGRADE with BB! Don't miss: JW Steakhouse Cheesecake and the magician/illusionist! James (I think his name is) is fantastic and we were all amazed by his tricks. Even our most sceptical friend couldn't believe the stuff he was doing!

Friends and I enjoyed our Friday afternoon at Marriott Downtowns Eat Play Laugh brunch. Although I didn't manage to try a lot, there was a selection of soups, seafood, salads, an Indian food counter, a mix of vegetables, grilled fish and meat, JW Steakhouse meat cuts as well as a Velocity station serving their famous wings, lobster rolls and burgers. They also had a full range of desserts, as well as an ice cream counter with lots of different toppings you could add to create your own.

For me, the food highlights were the JW Steakhouse meat cuts, Velocity chicken wings, the grilled fish, chocolate freakshake and, most importantly, the JW steakhouse cheesecake! I actually missed them coming around with the cheesecakes but they kindly managed to find me one which was slightly bigger than the one they usually offer so we shared it around the table. Definitely don't miss the cheesecake if you go!

As for the drinks, we opted for the Play package which included a range of spirit-based drinks including margaritas, mojitos, sangria, Gin, vodka based cocktails and pina coladas. Between our group, we managed to try most of the cocktails on offer. My favourites were the Moscow Mules and the piña coladas which were served in a coconut 😍🍹

We didn't manage to get over and enjoy the beer pong, large jenga or any of the other gimmicks as we were all chatting away but it definitely adds an element of fun to the brunch!

The staff all worked hard to try to keep up with all the plates and glasses that build up at a brunch and all worked with big smiles on their faces. They have a great team.

After the brunch, if you want to continue, the wrist band entitles you to one free drink at Velocity

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