Duplex Brunch, Crowne Plaza

Natalie Christodoulides Admin · 2 March at 09:00

Duplex Friday Brunch, Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi (49% off with BB!) The Duplex Friday brunch combines two great restaurants and cuisines - Asian at Cho Gao Abu Dhabiand Italian at Spaccanapoli Abu Dhabi. Steering away from the typical glamorous brunches, this brunch offers a more casual, lazy-lunch kind of vibe at an affordable price. Starting with Asian first, we sat in Cho Gao so I could indulge in an unlimited supply of spring rolls & sushi. The famous Kung Pao Chicken was amazing as always, as was the fish sweet & sour and green curry. I skipped past the salads and managed a couple of plates of maki rolls, sushi and freshly sliced sashimi - yum! We left Italian for seconds - the selection included oysters, mini cold salads and meats, as well as roast veal, fresh roast veggies, lobster thermidor and pizza for mains. The risotto tossed in a large wheel of cheese was delicious, a real comfort food, and the lobster thermidor was also a bowl of creamy gloriousness. The cheese corner, boasting a choice of around 20 cheeses, was a great way to finish off the meal - it was like having a wine & cheese night within a brunch! 🧀🍷 Keeping in tune with the laid back style of the brunch, guests can pour their own drinks either at the wine stations or on the cocktail cart, but the staff are also attentive and quick to bring your orders when needed. The solo singer added to the atmosphere in CG and we were told that she was actually a hostess first but after discovering her talent, they brought her in to sing at the brunch. I loved this - it’s great to support your staff outside of their expected roles! Just a note that the singer is only downstairs so that may influence where you’d like to sit if you go. While the selection is not massive, the food itself is flavorful and is enough to leave you feeling full and satisfied. Before discount - AED 195 with soft beverages | AED 265 with house beverages 📞 0506123489 #featuredreview #invited

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