Dino’s Friday and Saturday brunch

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This is the most hidden of all the hidden brunch gems in the city! Dino’s is a cute little place with an Italian bistro feel and some beautiful, heartwarming Italian food. It’s a table brunch and they’ll bring you more of whatever you want. Top tips: even if it’s 40 degrees, don’t go past the soup, it was exquisite. Don’t go too hard on the calamari and cauliflower fritta - you’ll want to, but don’t, there’s soooo much more to come. Order extra spaghetti carbonara: if you’re anything like us, it’ll disappear off the plate in a matter of moments. Even if your kids hate mushrooms, trick them into eating the chicken/mushroom pasta - they’ll never know and will love every mouthful. If you’re clever, you’ll have just enough room for pizza and dessert, but you’ll really have to pace yourself. 😉 Seriously, we’ll go back. The kids loved making their own pizzas and the chef treated them so kindly and respectfully and gave them loads of pizza info - now they’re experts! We loved the relaxed, casual atmosphere, it was pretty busy with a wide range of people and a good level of chat. Our server, Daniel, was absolutely excellent, one of the best I’ve ever had. And the price! Hello value-for-money! I can’t rate it highly enough. This is your perfect summer brunch destination. And next week for Easter they’re ramping it up with kids activities and loads of fun Easter stuff. A must-go!

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