Desert Lotus Thai Restaurant & Bistro

One to One Hotel.


Though it's located on the other part of the city where we live, we finally had the chance to try Desert Lotus... We came 15 mins before they open, but still the staff gladly welcomed us and led us to our table... Gave and explained the menu and tab before letting us choose... Lots of mouth-watering Thai and Japanese food choices, and the fickle minded me is having hard time which one to order... 🤔 Just by looking at the photos makes me drool... 😂 So, here we go... we ordered : * Fresh Roll (fresh veggies, mango, avocado, carrot, mint served with Bua's special sauce) Really fresh and love the peanut buttery spicy sauce, the rice wrappers are perfect and just right for every bite, unlike the rolls we had in Nation Tower that I had to unwrap the rolls to eat the veggies coz the wrapper was so rubbery and chewy... 😁 * Omakase Set / Chef Selected 7 Pcs (it has 3 kinds of appetizer and 4 kinds of Nigiri for mains) Compliments to the chef for this amazing dish... ***wai*** Desert Lotus is way better than the Story we had 😁, one of the best sushi in town... Truly satisfying... yum! 😍 * Seafood Pad Kee Mao (the drunken noodles that awaken 😮 the sleepy me 😴, tasty and spicy stir fried noodles with fresh seafood and some veggies, not a sweaty person but this really made me sweat haha 😂... *For drinks, we ordered Blue Ocean Mojito (blue syrup, lime, peach flavoured with mint leaves and soda) and Butterfly Lemon Mojito (butterfly flower juice, lime, brown sugar, mint leaves and soda). Both refreshingly good but I love the Butterfly Lemon Mojito more... It's a winner! 🏆 Thanks to the staff for recommending it... All in all, we enjoyed the food, artistically plated, very well presented, fresh & delicious. And for that quality of food it's so inexpensive... Paid AED 312 including other charges... 👍👍 And the staff are so attentive & knowledgeable of each and every dish... 👏👏👏 Worth a visit... 😉 We will definitely come back... ***wai***

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