Crust Friday Brunch, Four Seasons

Al Maryah Island.

Service 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Food🌟🌟🌟🌟

Always wanted to try this brunch and now that we are returning to the UK in a few months it had to be on our brunch bucket list. Decided to go for soft drinks package. This included all soft drinks, amazing mocktails and tea/coffee. The alcohol package looked fab with good quality drinks. Champagne was tattinger (which is my fav). Manager said that for 100dhs you can go to the rooftop bar from 4 to 7pm and have unlimited alcoholic drinks. I loved the little gin trolleys that came round the tables, defo try this package next time round.

Food: there isn't a huge range of food but what was there was good. I thought the little taster trolleys that came along to your table was brilliant. If you have a sweet tooth this is definitely the brunch to go to, never seen so much yummy treats, they also had a gluten free section. There wasn't much kids food (chicken nuggets etc) but our little one eats anything so this wasn't a problem for us. She did want pasta though so the chef kindly made her some.

Kids entertainment: this was really good, staff in the room were fantastic, our little one loved it, she especially enjoyed the magic show. More hotels should do this.

Staff/service: this had to be the best part of this brunch. Staff were extremely friendly and very attentive for drinks including those having the alcohol package.

Is this my fav brunch? No, Nahaam and foundry are still my top brunches, would I go back to crust, yes. If you have kids, crust is defo up there with aqua.

Never got many pictures but here are a couple I did take.

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