Crust Friday Brunch, Four Seasons

Al Maryah Island.

So let's talk about this brunch: this brunch is a step up on all levels. It's not a huge space and Chef Giancarlo has worked that well. Not only is absolutely every dish offered fresh, exquisitely prepared and plated but it's so much more than just another buffet. I think I counted maybe eight different trolleys coming to our table to serve us food that dragged us from our culinary comfort zones and allowed the chefs to truly show off their skills: the langoustines were incredible, soups, noodles, dumplings, scallops, quinoa, caviar, tacos, satays, an exquisite risotto and ... ok, that's more than eight 😆 The best of these for me was the chocoyaki, little balls of chocolate cakey stuff, warm, covered with caramel, vanilla, berry jam. These made my Top-5-best-desserts-I've-ever-tasted-in-my-whole-life list. Outrageously good! I've actually missed loads of photos because I was just too busy eating this incredible food. The roast beef was perfect as were the Asian food offerings. And the seafood was just fabulous - the baby lobster tacos! There's a kids menu which the children can access in the big kids room but mine were happy with the pizza, mac n cheese, bread, roast beef with Yorkshire pudding from the main buffet. And then they went mad on desserts. The dessert selection was the best I've seen with nary a pot of sameness nor mass produced cheesecake to be seen. There's a decent gluten free selection and these were delectable. The best thing about the desserts is that none of them were overly sweet and the same was true of the drinks. My mocktails were fabulous and the Taittinger was obviously a crowd pleaser. This isn't a party brunch. This is a brunch for people who love food and want to be helped to enjoy it by the genuinely cool and friendly people who work in Crust. If this sounds like you, this is a must try. Oh ... and did I mention the chocolate bar and the huge cheese table? No? Ok 🙈

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