Corniche Food Trucks

Kat Wightman

This winter I pledged to make the most of the new(ish) section of the corniche that we live near and spend Friday mornings exploring and spending more hours outside. We’ve eaten at 4 of the food trucks now, so I feel quasi-qualified to inform you about them and what goes on down at Al Bahar! For starters- not much happens before 2pm... We learnt this at 9am But Marl’s Organic is open! This seems to be the only place to eat at this time but, boy it’s great! All organic ingredients but don’t let this put the diehard food truck clients amongst you off. The breakfasts are feast worthy and lunch menus extensive. Smoothies, juices, snacks - all YUM.

Next on the list is our ultimate favourite Mexican - Barbacoa! This opens at 2pm I love this so much I nearly dedicated an entire post to the branch in mushriff mall. My son and I are often found in there if we have an hour to kill 🥑 but back to al barha branch... The guacamole is freshly made and so moorish one portion is never enough. The Cheesy quesadillas are delicious and the children will not share them with anyone. Certification of their tastiness.

For pizza 🍕 lovers Margherita Italian Pizza cooks up a mean selection of pizzas from scratch. Thin crispy crusts, fresh ingredients and even if you have an non pizza eater amongst you the salads are delicious and freshly made.

And now for pudding...Churros! This truck is conveniently next to Barbacoa so a natural end to the afternoon. Piping hot and deliciously soft, perfection in a cardboard box.

We loved exploring and testing all the foods we could and there is much more, the place comes alive around 5pm but you can easily have a whole day here as the blow-up-bouncing-water-Park-Aqua-fun-thing opens early, around 10 and the play ground provides good entertainment for a hour or so too.

Make the most of this glorious weather and go eat al fresco! Happy New Year biters 🥳

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