Cone Zone

Pink Shops, Khalifa City A.

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This is one of those hidden gems - Cone Zone is located at the Pink Shops (KCA) - it is in the middle block at the front.

We decided to really go for it and try a few things as price allows for this - this restaurant is amazing value for money. We always do collection but they do have a small area to sit down - it's very basic but does the job.

So we decided to order the large mixed grill (80dhs), chicken noodles (15dhs), large French fries (10dhs), beef curry (10dhs), butter chicken (10dhs), garlic chilly chicken in gravy (15dhs) and egg fried rice (15dhs) - so yes the whole of the food in the picture came to just 155dhs!!!!

The mixed grill is a 1kg platter of meat, French fries and grilled vegetables (tomatoes, onions and peppers) - the meat includes half a grilled chicken, plain grilled chicken, chicken tikka, lamb kofta, spicy chicken and garlic style chicken all on a setting of flat bread. Included the 80dhs price tag is also a whole packet of large flat bread, a tub of hummus, a tub of garlic Laban and a fresh salad. The mixed grill was absolutely amazing, cooked to perfection and very moist - there is so much meat that we always have enough left over for at least 2 more meals.

My husband had the beef curry and said it was lovely and spicy and the best beef curry he has had since he has been here and for the price tag of 10dhs he can not believe the amount of money he has wasted going to other places!!! I had the butter chicken, it was in a lovely rich tomato sauce and had just the right amount of 'kick' to it as I don't like spicy foods. The only thing I would mention is that the sauce is quite thin but I liked it that way.

The garlic chilly chicken was also very nice - it wasn't as spicy as we had expected but it had a nice amount of spice to it - the added bonus being that you can choose to have your chilly chicken either with gravy or as a dry chicken (so we will be trying it dry next time).

The egg fried rice was very tasty and had a nice amount of vegetables and egg in it - and the chicken noodles also had a wonderful flavour.

Amazing food and the service was fab - ready within 25 mins to collect (all cooked from scratch) and the serving staff will help you carry it all to your car. Overall an amazing feast that will help keep your bank balance in the positive too.

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