Chocolate Lab

Al Seef Village Mall.

'The Return Visit' 🤣

I HAVE to start really by thanking the BB team for picking my last Choc Lab review for ROTW. Little did they know that at the exact time they were busy deciding, I was sat in Chocolate Lab AGAIN 🤣. And if my last review wasn't chocolatey goodness enough, wait til you see what I've got this time!

We started out with a picture perfect Lotus cupcake - they do these very well - unusual to find one that isn't sickly sweet, but they pull it off. Next up was Lotus Cheesecake spaghetti gelato - imagine a whole bowl of ice cream strings! Bit of a novelty factor here - you'll possibly only try it once, but you should try it (once).

And the highlight of the day...chocolate surprise...a melting ball of chocolate, which dissolves to reveal a hidden interior of salted caramel ice cream, marshmallows, maltesers, and Brownie, with a few berries thrown in to provide a nice balanced meal 🤣🍫

I've said it before but I'll say it again - they have something here. It's not often I'll go somewhere twice in such a short space of time. I have to balance it out with something healthy, so it'll be Nolus Juice Bar next, but I'll give you a little wave as I walk past, watching you tucking into your Lotus pancakes 😊

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