Cho Gao Marina Walk

Zaffar Ijaz Ahmad

Cho Gao - Marina Walk Intercon Food:🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶 Service: 🛎🛎🛎 Ambience:🎭🎭🎭🎭 Value for money:💲💲💲💲💲

Ok...well its been a while since I last posted...not that i havent been eating girth is testament alone to my voracious appetite...

Anyhoos....went a few weeks back to Chamas for a quick bite 😉(wink wink) and got a ton load of cash vouchers. I checked the back of the vouchers and gave Cho Gao a call...and whaddya know its all you can eat sushi 🍣 on Tuesdays....

Grabbed the kids...wore my stretch jeans...and headed off at 7.30pm.

Oh just for your info...Cho Gao is now located where the Yacht Club used to be....and incidentally the Yacht Club also used to have all you can eat Sushi 🥢 nights with quite a lavish spread....

I've posted some picys 🖼, and hope to the best of my knowledge I got the names right 🤔

Step 1: Select sushi and delicately place in dragon boat like a Ninja master Step 2: Pour soy sauce Step 3: Stir in Wasabi Step 4: Dive in...

Overall the sushi was good with a few items that were outstanding.

The Waygu🐃 striploin was so tender and flavourful...loved ❤ it...and so did the kids...only ate about 8 pieces..needed to keep space for other stuff!!!

The Blow Torch...fried salmon and tuna...crispy exterior..and oh so yummy...I downed like 10...but who is counting....1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣4️⃣5️⃣

Spicy Prawn 🦐Tempura was amazing...the sauce..the sauce...really...Philadelpia Roll...perhaps not traditional Japanese but nonetheless terrific...Did i mention the Octopus 👾..superbly cooked..tender and not at all chewy.

There were other types of sushi which were also good but not standoutish like the ones listed above.

We then sampled the cooked food...chicken Yakitori was flavourful, the Okonomiyaki (omelet-ish) was really nice...salty with a sweet sauce. The Yakisoba noodles were well cooked. However was not a fan of the Japanese Beef Curry...a little too tough IMHO.

Did anyone say now we were stuffed...i mean for Heavens sake we probably made 4 or 5 trips back and forth for the sushi !!! ...frankly i couldnt eat dessert...but i did!!!! I went with the crepes with fresh strawberries and strawberry sauce with a topping of vanilla ice cream...very nice...

While we were eating dessert the chef came by and offered us a plate of Crab and Prawn sushi with sweet soy ( not part of the buffet)...we were so far gone...but the three us managed to down two was sooooooo amazingly good...

Will we eat here again...sure we will.

Just a few other notes....the place is large with both indoor and outdoor also has an array of seating types from couch type to regular restaurant seating to high bar style seating. Table service was a bit slow...had to flag the waiters for drinks. Staff was helpful and courteous once flagged down. While the online menu showed prawn crackers, seaweed chips and vegetable tempura we didnt see any on our table...and to be honest we didnt miss them as we attacked the sushi as soon as we got seated.

All in all a good night and value for AED 149 per head for all you can sushi, noodles and dessert you cant go wrong.

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