Carvery Brunch at Coopers

Park Arjaan & Park Rotana -Khalifa Park Area.

Food - 🍗🍗🍗🍗 Ambience - 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄 Service -😊😊😊😊 Price- 💲💲💲💲💲

With just us two wanting to enjoy a turkey and other Christmas delights ordering the whole thing wouldn't make sense we wanted to have a satisfying portion without burning a hole in our pocket. And hear this out at just AED 125+ per head the soft drink package we thought it was a pretty sweet deal. We attended this brunch on Friday 23rd.

As we entered we felt Christmas has begun it wasn't too overpowering but just the right decorations and lights to make you feel Christmas cozy - not too bright indoors but if you prefer the afternoon sun there were outdoor seating options as well.

There were 4 packages to choose from The simple turkey platter priced at AED 85+ The soft drink package AED125+ The house beverage package at AED160+ The house & bubbly at AED 190+

The roast brunch is all you can eat & drink, available not just this season but every Friday so be sure to put it on your list this year and the next.

It had the most succulent roast meats very tender and juicy with all compliments to add to it in fact there were plenty of seasoning and sauces to choose from. Other dishes were sausages, spaghetti, a fish dish Nile Perch with lemon and herb sauce, Yorkshire pudding, meat with mushroom pies and the usual not to miss steamed veggies , roasted and mashed potatoes. The brunch also had a bread station and salad station and a soup dish of the day.

We tried everything except for the salads and breads that looked good and everything was just delish we enjoyed every bite with a mmmmm.....

And what can I say about the desserts a whole stretch of coopers had a long line of the most delicious, amazing, mind blowing, extra level mmmmmm..... yummm desserts. Some of the desserts i remember was coffee mousse , mango mousse, rasberry mousse, mixed fruit cake, tiramisu, brownie, fruit salad, hot chocolate pudding and more, nothing fancy but every dessert was well made. All of them were in our plates and it was heaven in our mouths it was a happy ending to our meal.

When the bill came with our credit card NBAD there was a 15% discount. With a 100AED credit voucher from Teatro that came as compliments. We walked out stuffed, happy and satisfied ready to start our Christmas with a bang.

They have the longest happy hours in town from 12pm to 12am and a New Year event coming up as well with tickets priced at AED190+ they also have a hangover brunch on Jan 1st starting at AED125+

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