Cafe Blanc

Eastern Mangroves.

Hholistic: characterized by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

Nowadays, people have forgotten to engage all our senses when selecting and eating food, meaning we are "disconnected" from almost everything around us while doing such critical action: eating!!! It is time to explore ways to get the big picture, the holistic experience. It is time to pay attention to every little detail. Only two words: CAFE BLANC.

Have a sit, feel comfy (seats are truly comfy here) Just in front of us, one of the most amazing views you can find in UAE, the Eastern Mangroves. Like coral reefs, mangroves are extremely productive ecosystems that provide numerous good and services both to the marine environment and people.

After food for soul, time for the real stuff. As I know what I want to order, I'm drooling already. Delicious falafel, terrific hummus, to die for Jibneh (homemade pastry filled with marinated cheese and parsley, served with tomato, olives, cucumber and fresh mint) and our perfect match: quinoa salad and hallumi sticks. Quinoa salad is my fav kind of food, and Cafe blanc makes an amazing one.

Table is full of colours, different textures, aromas. Table is full of life. Everything tastes fresh and authentic. My hands, like my eyes, want to touch, smell, relish everything. We share all the food. "May I have that, please?" You feed me, I feed you. Happiness.

Dessert? No thanks. Our dessert will be a walk by the promenade, enjoying a unique sunset and taking care of my kids don't throw any other kid's jacket to the wee river 😉

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