Cabana Bar and Grill

Rachael Partington

Cabana Bar and Grill St Regis AD/Nation Riviera

It’s actually really hard to find somewhere where a big group can eat outside, that’s not overly expenny. We love Abdel Wahab but have been a lot recently so wanted a change. And we ended up here! The table was right beside the beach and was actual shaded for the most part so not too hot. It’s right at the beach club so if you don’t want to see people strolling by in swimwear, don’t go! The food was really good in patches and a wee bit disappointing in others. Three of us ordered the brisket sandwich which came in a spinach bun, that overpowered the brisket and the other ingredients in there. Those who ordered the massive beef/prawns burger were happy and it looked magnificent. The fish and chips was probably the winner on the day, as was the brie and cranberry sandwich ... and the spinach quesadillas were great too. There’s a kids menu and lots of options for children on the main menu anyway. Dessert was a sticky date pudding - tasty but needed way more sauce - and a carrot cake in ‘kunafah’ basket (basically fried vermicelli). The cake itself was marvellous, the basket an affectation. Also, considering these were AED55 each, I think the portions were too small. Service was patchy: Bojan, the manager, was outstanding. Waiters were willing and pleasant but drinks service especially was slow. Would we go back? Yes probably. The kids played on the beach, it was lovely outside and we’d all have fish n chips next time 😆

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