Butcher and Still

Four Seasons Hotel.

Stepping into Butcher and Still is like stepping into Chicago in the Prohibition era. Everything from the swingy music, the incredible attention to detail in the decor, the bar, the bathrooms, the food and drinks screams Al Capone and speakeasies.

The food matches the style of the restaurant: everything on the menu could be found on a menu in the 1920s but Chef Marshall and his team are producing it with a great deal of flair that is very much 2017. We started with bread, made on site in this incredible Beech oven and was absolutely divine. Two of us ordered prawn cocktail which came pretty much deconstructed. The prawn was incredible but I missed the kind of 'all-in-together'ness of the traditional offering. The Portobello mushroom was very good, stuffed with goodness and full of flavour.

The main course was a Butcher's Block, shared between four of us, which had different cuts of steak and catered for different cooking preferences. The sides were gorgeous especially the creamed spinach and the asparagus. But the steak, the steak!!! Brought in from Kansas, it was like cutting through butter and tasted sublime. I doubt I'll enjoy it as much anywhere ever again.

We finished with two desserts. Fair warning to you all, even if you don't like to share, you have to get over it: these desserts are huge. The cherry pie was absolutely beautiful but it was the chocolate tower that blew me away. The tallest building in Chicago during Prohibition had 37 floors. This cake has 37 layers. And they were layers of perfection. Best chocolate cake I've ever had. Ever ever. And I think I'm probably going to be going back just for that cake.

Butcher and Still is so much more than a restaurant: it's an historical journey. It's not even a little bit cheap, but it's so worth it. Oh, and make sure you go to the bathroom - AK47 bullets set into the wall and original Al Capone newspaper cuttings framed on the wall make it an experience in itself!

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