Burger Cube

Al Markaziya.


Ventured into a newish place, whilst living the bachelor's life for two more weeks before Team Lorgat return from hols. This place is quite discrete but away from the hustle and bustle.

Confession: I started writing this review before the food was even served as I couldn't contain myself when I saw they were using fresh (not frozen) meat. Duly weighed depending on order and shaped to a square. I ordered the Mozzarella Burger; fresh angus patty seasoned to order and then slapped on for some flame grilling. Once grilled, a large square mozzarella with a crispy coating is placed on top and served in a potato bun. ( I opted for mine to be served without the salad/veg/pickles).

Verdict: wow! You can taste the freshness and recognise the quality. And the combination with the crispy mozzarella was amazing even though I'm not a huge fan of cheese on my burgers. Enjoyed it so much, I 'almost' placed another order; I'll save it for my return journey.

Service was excellent. Jio was kind enough to conjour up a semi spicy sauce for me when I asked for something with a little kick for my fries. But can you believe that Jio had never heard of BB?! Well I've spread the word and he will be requesting to join soon 😉

10 out of 10

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