Burger 28

Airport Road.

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Following a full day of teaching and a hectic cub meeting, a friend recommended Burger 28 to me as it was nearby .... what a great place! We had a lovely greeting and were shown the menu on the iPad. My son was delighted to order pasta ragu IN A CONE!!!! Being on a post-Christmas diet, I opted for a grilled chicken burger and small fries. It didn’t take long for the food to arrive and it looked great. Fortunately it tasted great too! The grilled chicken was nicely seasoned and very tasty. The fries were lovely although a little salty. The pasta was delicious! I tried the meat and it had a great taste. The lovely chef came over to chat with us and she was lovely. She was pleased that my son was tucking into his pasta. We had to pay separately for the pasta as it is a β€œpop up shop”. I will definitely return although might have to save up my Weight Watchers points to have the full experience! You should see the desserts!!!!!! ❀️😊

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