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BU Brunch 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟! So after a long time of wanting to try this brunch we finally tried it last Friday. We were a group of 20 adults and 5 kids. We sat outside and thank god the weather was lovely. A lot of my friends didn't even know that this restaurant even existed. I was happy to see so many smiles saying how beautiful it looks. As soon as we sat down the staff made sure to ask which package we wanted and a few minutes after the drinks started flowing. A very good list of drinks and cocktails. I love the fact that they had nibbles already on the table. I have never tried a better guacamole. 😍 Then the food feast started. The fried fish tacos were to die for. Every time they brought out more none was left in the plates. Then they brought more kinds of tacos with beef and chicken. What i really enjoyed was the 3 different kinds of ceviche. Oh my the tuna was my favourite. They brought so much food on the table. Chicken and beef skewers were lovely. Then they brought out more meat which i never tried as i couldn't eat any more. But everybody said it was gorgeous. In the meantime the mojitos were going down like water. The cocktails were gorgeous. Usually I hate drinking cocktails in a brunch as they can either be too strong or just taste awful. They definitely know how to make cocktails. My personal favourite was the Cuba libre! The only negative with the drinks was the wine like in every brunch i think the wines are never good! Then they brought out dessert. As you can see from the photo each platter had 4 churros in and a few other desserts. There was an argument over the churros but the staff kept bringing more platters for us as they saw how much we enjoyed the sweet treats. I loved the whole ambience. The decoration is gorgeous. And the singers were fabulous. I can’t fault the atmosphere at all. The service was perfect and we were a large group. This was my first brunch that they bring the food to your table and I must say I loved it! I prefer it than the buffet style. I prefer it because I ate more and enjoyed the food more because it was on the table rather than having to get up a few times to get your food and not because am lazy but because am chatting drinking and suddenly it goes 4 o'clock and the brunch is over and then I go home and order a kebab 😂🙈 Also I found it very good with the kids. There was a kids menu on the table. And a little corner inside for the kids to have fun. We hardly saw the kids as they were enjoying their time inside. They only came out to show us their face paint. 😀 Also, the kids area was supervised and at the end of the brunch the lovely lady brought the kids out to our table. This is one of my favourite brunches and I would definitely go back. 😀

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