Brunchtown Venetian Village

Cathy Stephenson

Brunchtown at Venetian Village is a new brunch that only started last week. Itโ€™s currently on the Entertainerโ€™s monthly offers so we paid 495 for two adults for the full package.


Four restaurants have food offerings: Todd Englishโ€™s Olives, Tokyo Grill, La Brasserie and Barfly and you can roam around all of them for various buffet options. In addition to this, each restaurant has a menu that you can order from to be brought to your table. There are also various platters that are brought around throughout the day so you can be as lazy as you want or go exploring! We ate sashimi and grilled salmon from Tokyo Grill, dim sum and sushi from Barfly, cold cuts and cheese from La Brasserie and pizza from Olives. We ordered from the menu at Olives too so tried their beef short ribs and grilled chicken with mash for our little one. They also made him a special plain pizza when he turned his nose up at the artichokes and truffle ๐Ÿ˜† The food on the whole is as good as youโ€™d expect from these restaurants but the big draw is the atmosphere. Sitting overlooking the water with the band playing and people bringing your drinks makes you feel like youโ€™re on holiday! Such a lovely relaxed afternoon.

There is a small area for kids to get their face painted and do some colouring and if you sit at Olives there is a great Latin style band and a table magician. If like us, you have a small child, they will invariably end up on the beach and in the water! There is no lifeguard on duty though so itโ€™s up to you to monitor the kids.

All the staff were great and so attentive, and Iโ€™d like to give a special mention to Dris and Giuseppe who made sure we were well looked after. I would thoroughly recommend this for a chilled afternoon of eating and drinking in a lovely setting - especially if youโ€™ve got people visiting as itโ€™s one of the nicest areas to show off the one of the best of Abu Dhabiโ€™s entertaining options.

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