Brunch at Las Brisas

Emirates Palace.

I have a Public Service Announcement, Besties. Brunch at the Palace is back! Actually, 'brunch' is a very understated word for what is really an 'experience', and I was lucky enough to try it out at a preview event this weekend.

Your visit starts with a golf cart ride through the spectacular grounds. Ask your driver to go slow to maximise the amount of time you have to drink in the spectacular views of the ocean and gardens and just be generally nosey ☺️. You're delivered poolside, where the casual dress code (shorts! At the Palace!) creates a very relaxed vibe.

We were offered mojitos before we even sat down, instead of being made to wait half an hour for a wristband like some places. The kids disappeared to play archery, stroke Peter the Shetland pony who does rides for the children, and eventually came back with sand art pictures and jewel tattoos 😊 A cold glass of French bubbles slipped down very nicely whilst we listened to brunch band The Treblemakers belt out a Coldplay classic. Then it was on to load up some plates Although this is a medium sized brunch, there are constant reminders everywhere that you are in a very special place. Monogrammed silver serving dishes. Gold leaf in abundance Flawless service. A CHEESE FOUNTAIN 😁

The food selection was what you'd expect but all done superbly - sushi made to order, salads you will actually enjoy eating, grilled meats and curries with delicious handmade Indian breads, fresh seafood and oysters, a huge joint of roast meat with Yorkie puds, kunafeh, salted caramel choux buns, green tea cake, gelato, a chocolate fountain and an AMAZING chocolate and pear fondant 😊 Of course we always have room for cheese, and a beautiful selection had some lovely accompaniments like fresh figs and quince jelly. There's only one thing that could make this brunch even better and that is pool access, and if they could arrange this they'd be fully booked every single week. As it was thought we thought it was fabulous, and imagine how much kudos you'll get when you tell your visitors you've 'pulled a few strings' and have a brunch invitation at a Palace ☺️

Hope you enjoy it Besties and don't forget to tell them where you heard about it 😊

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