Bord Eau

Shangri-la hotel. Bain al Jesrain .


Having always wanted to eat here and somehow never managing it in our 7.5 years in AD we visited the Shangri-la's acclaimed French restaurant last night.

We were professionally greeted when we entered the restaurant but were disappointed to see only 2 other tables occupied with everyone seated in a line down one side of the restaurant - presumably for the ease of the waiting staff(!). French jazz was playing in the background - which was turned off at prayer time and reinstated once prayers were finished.

Our waiter Namesh was lovely and extremely personable. He was clearly very proud to be working in Bord'eau and it showed.

We opted for the 3 course menu on offer for Restaurant month at aed 195pp and each selected a different course so we could taste and share.

We were welcomed with a complimentary glass of champagne (always a winner) and enjoyed a tray of crudités, toasted bread and dips. The crudités and eggplant dip were delicious and a nice change from filling up on bread before a meal.

Our bread basket remained untouched once it arrived although it featured a decent looking assortment of 3 kinds of bread.

Next the chef sent out an amuse bouche of foie gras terrine with toasted brioche and fig jam. Lovely balance of flavours but too rich to finish. We both giggled at the blood like skid-mark across the plate from the fig jam - slightly off putting.

My starter of vegetable pie was as bland and as underwhelming as it sounded on the menu (only chosen by default as my hubby would never be able to process the words 'pie' and 'vegetables' in the same sentence). No taste from the white mushrooms at all and a very 'meh' mixture of spinach and pea crying out for seasoning let the whole thing down. Pastry was light and flaky. The punchiest flavour on the plate came from the lemon cream which made me think of pud.

Hubby's starter of local tuna was well presented and had good flavour - the better choice.

My main of sea bass was perfectly cooked with tasty vegetable accompaniments to balance out the textures on the plate. Hubby enjoyed the pigeon which again was well cooked and had a good flavour but did need a little salt to bring it to life.

My pudding of lemon tart was more like a slice of lemon meringue pie (my heaven) and was just the right side of tart and lemony with lovely fluffy meringue on top. (Nuts in the biscuit base probably should have been declared on the menu in case of allergies).

I stole a fork full of hubby's date soufflé and then attempted to steal the entire mugfull. A truly scrummy favour I can only liken to warm cake mix(!) felt like I was eating a cuddle in a mug. If I hadn't been so full I would have polished off the lot!

Overall, a well presented and tasty dinner at an excellent price. The lack of diners was a real shame leading a slightly sombre air in the dimly lit restaurant.

(Please excuse the low lighting on the photos - the flash was blinding in the dim lighting so I opted not to use it).

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