Bonne Anne



I ventured into TCA to find this gem. My parents were visiting and I wanted to show them how brave I am here in the AD and how I could navigate the city and find exciting cuisine.

We walked in and it was perfect. The decor, the clientele, everything was as I was hoping. We were there for lunch, and were able to pick a table. The waitress came over and gave us a menu and asked for our drink order, we asked for a bottle of water, and it was brought quickly and was so cold. (And it was only 5 AED!!!!! Bargain)

The menu was overwhelming but there were pictures of all the dishes, and good descriptions. The waitress was so accommodating and helped us navigate the menu and suggested a few dishes. We settled on the Bonne Annee special, the special tibs and Gomen be sega. I picked the bonne Annee special the lovely waitress picked the others.

The food arrived quickly in small bowls and a big piece of injera on a platter. She quickly went to work putting the different items around the injera, making sure to spread out the different dishes so that we all could reach each. It was luscious. My mouth is watering just thinking of this magical experience. We were given a big plate of injera to eat with, and all conversation stopped as we filled out bellies. Each dish was so wonderful, and the injera was lovely. We were offered a fork and knife, but loved the experience of eating with our hands.

All in all, it was an amazing place to go. Cheap, authentic (I'm guessing, I've not had a lot of experience with Ethiopian food), and lovely service. I can't wait to go back!

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