Bok Bok Chicken

Rachael Partington Admin · 29 April at 07:48

Bok Bok Chicken ... things that make you go ‘hmmmm’ Raha Beach - delivery only The name alone has got your left eye-brow raised, right? And it does a good job of reflecting the kind of food you’ll enjoy here: fun, a bit exciting and with enough of a difference to make you order again. We ordered a lot (yes, even in lockdown taking one for the team) and some clear favourites emerged. The chicken burger: soft bun, bit of mayo, crisp chicken and a juicy inner being ... tick, tick, tick. The biryani (AED35) was a thing of beauty and the mashed potato and gravy (AED16) produced omg eye-rolly moments from everyone. There wasn’t a sub we didn’t like (the tawook had slices of potato in it - boom!) and the fajita sandwich (AED26) also stood out. Don’t eat it in the car or you’ll end up eating bits of saucy capsicum off your shirt 😉, but soooo worth it for the flavours and textures. Yummo! The only thing we’d give a pass to was the fries, which I don’t think ever travel well, but who needs fries when you can order breaded halloumi? Diviiiiine! I could go on about Bok Bok. It’s reasonably priced, service was good and it came in good time. As additions to the fast and casual chicken scene go, this one is a goodie. Yalla, lovers of all things poulet... go! Try! Oh and also ... their iftar combos at AED39 and AED49 are a STEAL! #featuredreview #invitedtoeatyummyfoodathome

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