Boa Friday brunch

Eastern Mangroves.


The service was excellent. Attentive but not overbearing. The food is served to your table. Every morsel was delicious. Every. Single. Bite.

It started with a cold seafood platter that smoked as it arrived at the table with some theatricals which was pretty cool. This was served alongside the cold appetisers. The burrata cheese salad was amazing my stand out cold dish. It was creamy and rich and light all at the same time. I would have licked the bowl given a chance, much to the shame of my mother ;)Next up were the warm appetisers. All three of these were amazing but hubby loved the chicken tenders the most. I would say the goats cheese baklava was better. Nomnomnom. The berlotti bean soup followed and was really delish and very light. I had thought as it was bean based it might be heavy but it was perfectly balanced. Mains steaks were cooked to perfection and excellently well-seasoned. We both chose bearnaise sauce which was also perfect. The stand out dish was the truffle cheese fries. So good we ordered more. Just amazingly gorgeous tastiness in every bite. Desserts were fabulous also but I was really full by then so just managed a wee taste of each for the team. The mango dessert was easily my favourite. Very fresh and cleansing. Whole overall experience was phenomenally relaxing and enjoyable from start to finish. Our first adult brunch without kids and hopefully not our last :)

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