Berri's Cafe

Al Muneera.

Berri’s in Al Muneera- I’ve been wanting to try this place since someone else reviewed them, and the lotus pancakes. What better time to eat deliciously unhealthy food than when you have company in town?! My mom and I, clearly love sweet food (I’m gonna have to hit the gym for the first time ever after she leaves 😂) anyways on to the food...

Lotus pancakes were wonderful! 4 fluffy pancakes with just enough melted lotus butter and lotus crumbles on top. I said I’d only take one bite, but definitely ate more than that...whoops 🤦🏻‍♀️

I also had a breakfast burrito. I love eggs and avocado 👌🏽 it did need a bit of salt. I personally would add salsa, but that’s how I always eat my eggs 🍳

Mom had shakshuka. Soooo good! I picked out her dish because she wants to try “different” (to her) foods, and Bruce has said its a good dish. She liked it, I of course tried it too. It had great flavor, I liked it more than my burrito.

Then we ordered smoothies. I got a detox smoothie hopefully it’ll help me after all my deliciously unhealthy food options. It has avocado, green apple and a couple other things 😂 Mom got the mango tango smoothie. Hers was much sweeter.

Price wise it’s not a budget friendly breakfast which is why I haven’t eaten here before, but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and now I don’t have to eat till dinner.

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