Marina Mall.

Not seen many reviews for this place, might have been some when the burger challenge was on, but I can't remember seeing many.

Went there for lunch today and I can honestly say I was massively impressed, is my first time there but I think I might be going back again.

Had the rings and fries which came with their own sauce, found it was ketchup, celery, curry and ginger, and tasted delicious. The onion rings are among the best I have ever had, really fresh, cooked to perfection with a really nice batter/breadcrumb coating, the fries were a lot better than I was expecting, with bits of the skin on so showing they are made from potatoes, not just processed from mushed up potatoes.

Then came the burgers, I got the homestead burger in a granary bun, cheddar cheese, onion, egg and tomatoe, I normally leave half the bun but this was really nice so I ate it all. My girlfriend had the buttermilk buffalo chicken burger, as standard it comes with blue cheese, the waiter asked my gf if she had had it before and said it's a strong cheese so suggested she had cheddar if she wasn't sure, this impressed me lots, cool service.

Both burgers were very nice, cooked to perfection and just as I requested my beef to be cooked.

I was really pleased we went there, I was initially cautions with it being an organic place but I was shown that I was wrong to think anything bad about it.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for everything, no issues from me.

If anyone has any thoughts about going, stop thinking about it and just go, you wrong regret it.

#reviews #bareburger

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