Marina Mall.

Had a doc appointment last week close to Marina Mall. Took hubby with as my driver. Only catch! Had to treat him to lunch after my appointment as his reward. Having not gone to Marina Mall for quite some time we weren’t sure where to eat until we came across Bare Burger!! Located on the ground floor of Marina Mall village very close to Bounce.

Hubbys first way am I eating there I don’t do organic. I like my meat to taste like it’s had a growth hormone or two here and there and besides pesticides make the other ingredients taste far better too. Lol! After I had a good chuckle and told him off it was into the restaurant we ventured.

We began with a homemade mint lemonade which was lovely and refreshing. Not overly sweet with a little tang. Just how I like it.

Next up the burgers. Oh my the burgers!!

I got the Supreme, which is Hereford prime beef, with beef bacon, onion rings with a special sauce served on a warm brioche bun. Hubby opted for the Standard which was

Hereford Prime beef, Colby, carmalised onions, pickles and sauce that he just loved. The meat is so juicy and tender it will make your mouth water. We rated these burgers as one of the best burgers we have had in Abu Dhabi. And as long time standing veterans over here and with a waistline to prove it. We do know a good burger when we see and taste one.

The burgers don’t come with sides so we opted to share the rings and fries side which comes with a creamy habanero mayo. The chips were crispy and the onion rings perfectly battered. Yum!!

The also run a lunch time special during the week for 55 Dhs where you get to choose a drink, side and either a burger or a salad. Which we thought was a really good deal.

The portion sizes are huge and the prices are very reasonable. They are also in the entertainer too.

For those healthy at heart, clearly not us, their salads look pretty fab too.

From the amount of ooohhs and awwww’s coming from hubbys mouth while hoovering down his burger I can assure you we will be back.

Organic food 1. Hubby 0

Go on give it a go it’s the weekend!! Happy eating!!!

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