Mushrif Mall.

Food **** Service **** Value ****

So that's it : the summer holidays are over and it's back to the reality of uniform shopping, shoe shopping and stationary purchases (for me, the teacher 😬). Was hobbling around Mushrif mall (fractured my foot at a music festival! 😂) and needed somewhere to have lunch and put my foot up. The food court was just too much to take after 7weeks away but imagine my joy to see Barbacoa! It's not in the main part of the food court so less screaming kids, although I did wave at several children on the train (think their parents were saying "let's wave at the funny lady with a big boot!!!) I couldn't choose which taco filling to have so the lovely lady let me mix! I ordered 2 veggie and 1 beef corn taco. Being a bit of a woose when it comes to chilli, I bravely opted for the medium sauce on the servers advice. The tacos are not the crunchy type you often get which was great as it held the copious amount of filling really well. The beef was scrummy with lots of lettuce, black beans and sauce. The veggie taco was also fresh and with a variety of crunchy veg. The tomatillo salsa added the perfect level of heat (great advice). I ate every morsel and really enjoyed it. It was 40dhs including a bottle of water and I didn't need to eat for the rest of the afternoon! Am so pleased barbacoa is in the city as it was only on rare visits to masdar that I get the opportunity to sample their dishes.

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