Maria Saya is with Merlany S. Tejada.

Bandung Restaurant

Indonesian cuisine This was my second time in this resto and though it was a hit and miss, no regrets as we got full as well as learned a lesson: what not to order next time😊

As usual, the gado gado (mixed veggies with peanut paste, somewhat sweet but not transdessert, it goes well with their Nasi Goreng. It’s also similar to Filipino Kare-kare), and grilled fish were fantastic👌 The fish came with a thick, sweet- tinged soy sauce with chili slices and onion and their pair sent sparks to the palate- perfect for my spicy preference.I originally wanted their Mi Goreng, but was deceived by the looks of the soto Ali when it passed by to be served to another table, well,it’s one of those WNOs- “will-not-order” for me. It was in thin coconut milk with beef slices, it was bland for my taste as I’m used to laksa, no comparison anyway as this was supposed to be a soup, it just didn’t make it to my yummy foodometer😉 The Tempe balado was depicted as tofu in the menu, but not the tofu I’m used to. Ordered the one with chili paste, although I liked its spice, I didn’t like the soya beany consistency. The Kangkong (morning glory) was ok, the other soupy brown colored order was so-so( forgot the name, Merlany, help!😬)... the Nasi Goreng, well the varieties we ordered in the past were good, we had the one with dried fish this time-it’s also in the list of WNOs.

The prices for each were reasonable (AEd 15-35 range) so it doesn’t really hurt the pocket to explore this resto.

For the price of aed156 for the three of us, it was a sumptuous meal😋- thanks Merlany😘

Yes, we will be back♥️

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