Asian Plates

Mina Road.

My fellow BB food fanatics, this is my first review everrr so here it is:)

Asian plates on Mina Road.

Food 🍤 🍤 🍤 🍤 🍤 Service 🥂 🥂 🥂 🥂 🥂 Authenticity 🏺 🏺 🏺 🏺 🏺 Value 🔪 🔪 🔪 🔪 🔪 Parking 🏎 🏎 but wait...

I'll have to begin by saying that joining this group was the highlight of my year! My phone since then has been overloaded with food pics of new yummy discoveries we have made since joining.

Shuffling between Turkish, Persian or our continuous hunt for the best Tom yum soup; we get in the car and I lead the way to Asian plates on Mina Road visible from the main road.

Small corner restarant with 5 or 6 small tables; to my surprise tables were full! We were warmly greeted by a nice lady who seemed to be incharge. I explained that we had a hard time finding parking but her warm welcome made it worth it and I went on to say that it was our first time trying the restaurant. And boy doesn't that work like a charm every time! She said to call ahead and will have one of the drivers park our car next time wohooooo 😉

The menu impressive! An array of Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Philipino food. In a swift we ordered Tom yom soup and hot n sour soup. Both amazing! Huge portion (one bowl enough for 2 to share) the Tom yom was the most tasteful, authentic , chunky and perfectly orchestrated! It sang to my taste buds!

For appetizer; the chx dim sum steamy, tasty with a crunchy top and crispy (non oily) vegetable spring rolls. Fresh veggies and crystal noodles inside.

Our main; hot n sour prawn and chicken with a side of egg fried rice. Delicious sauce, tangy with perfectly cut veggies al dente ( I hate soggy veggies). Wonderful fried rice, seasoned perfectly and most importantly easy on the Salt!

To drink; A wonderful detoxing lemon grass iced tea for 10 dhs. I could just have gallons of that stuff:) They also had coconut water from a fresh coconut if you like!

Fatima, the pleasent lady that greated us coming in turns out to be the owner! Earlier I had asked what another table was having and she explained it was their seafood hot pot. She later insisted she offeres us a sampling on the house! A sensual hot broth with the seafood of your choice and a make your own soup/ bowl kind of a party 😀 we will be going back for that and all the yummy goodness; freshness Asian plates has to offer! Thank you Fatima for your wonderful hospitality.

It's time for me to heat up some of our leftovers. My tummy is In food heaven 🤗

Total bill: 175 dhs ( I'd say that a lot of happiness)

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