Asia de Cuba

Nation Riviera Beach Club, Corniche.

Went to brunch today at Asia de Cuba and was wowed by the quality and quantity of food, impeccable service, and great atmosphere. The food was also really fresh with lots of healthier lighter options which was a nice change from the really carb heavy brunches.

They also hosted a ceviche masterclass with the chef, where he guided you on how to make a delicious and instagram worthy ceviche, as well as a mojito masterclass where they showed you how they make their fresh sugarcane juice and guided you step by step on how to make a delicious mojito to take back to your table! Loved that you could actually hear each other talk at this brunch too, with lovely lighting and a view of the ocean outside.

Will let the food speak for itself in the photos, but definitely need to give a major shoutout to the salad with fried manchego cheese oh my god 😍literally heaven in my mouth, as well as the crab cake baos, I've never tried a bao before and was blown away by the softness of the puffy bun with warm melt-in-your mouth crab cake!

There was such a variety of different foods to suit everyone's tastes, and really unique too, opened my mind to try lots of new food. Thought I would hate the plantain chips and literally inhaled the bowl! Likewise thought I wouldn't be a fan of pairing guava with goats cheese but I was so wrong!

Drink selection is also varied, and you can get virgin versions of the cocktails as well.

Service was hands down the best I've ever had in Abu Dhabi, glasses were never empty, concept was explained well, and they checked to see what you wanted, when you wanted it, or if you needed a timeout from all the food 😂everyone was kind and smiling as well, from our waiter to the chef, bartender, and manager who checked in at all tables, and the masterclass sessions. Will be reccomending this brunch as my new wow factor brunch to everyone!

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