Art House Cafe

Elaine Hunter

Art House Cafe Al Bateen

Food ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Service ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Decor ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Art House Cafe markets itself as a Hidden Gem and it definately is. From the moment you walk in, you forget you are only 10 mins from the city. The decoration is great with painted plates and tiles on the walls, tables and chairs up-cycled from oil drums and wooden pallets, there’s even one table placed on a bicycle.

We’d heard that kids (and adults I think) can paint their own plates so as soon as we were seated we asked if we could have two plates to paint. We were told unfortunately they only had small plates, not the bigger ones we saw on the walls, but that was ok and we agreed to order first. There are a handful of kids meals to choose (chicken strips, fries & drink; mac & cheese, fries & drink; burger, fries & drink) all priced 25dhs. Drink choices were orange or carrot juice. We asked if we could have apple juice instead but the waitress said unfortunately, no. We decided to let the kids share a meal and ordered an extra apple juice.

There were plenty of menu options for adults from salads to pasta, burgers to wraps, and breakfast options. Average price was around 45 dhs for a main meal. We went for seafood pesto pasta and a beetroot & goats cheese salad.

Complimentary garlic bread and olives were brought to us while we waited which was a nice surprise.

When the kids meal was brought out, it came with two orange juices rather than 1 x apple and 1 x orange. When we corrected the server (different from the server who took our order) she said there wasn’t any apple juice. Ok, orange will do. We then asked if we could paint the plates once the kids had eaten but were told there were no plates. The server said she would check and we were then told by a third member of staff that there were plates after all. 🙄

Anyway, kids were happy and we even managed to share a Lotus ice cream sundae that would have fed the whole cafe!

All meals were delicious and only the lack of communication between staff meant only 3 stars for service. We’ll definately be back.

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