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26 March at 18:41

Aqua Garden Brunch Rosewood Abu Dhabi 1-5pm 20% off with Best Bites

My family is always slightly nervous about me bringing them out for brunch reviews, ever since the infamous ‘90 minute brunch episode’ but the Aqua brunch went a long way towards making brunch amazing for us again! This was our first visit to Aqua, after reading many recommendations proclaiming it as one of our best family brunches and we were eager to see for ourselves. We grabbed our welcome drinks and wandered through. The brunch is a mixture of indoor food and outdoor grills. Inside we found loads of salads, seafood ready for grilling, the most glorious deep dish pies, fish and chips (why has Baby been put in the corner though?! These deserved to be much more front and centre!) and the most beautiful bread stand. The outdoor favourites included the Duck wrap station (11 visits between us!!) the tandoor where chefs prepared soft, naan hot off the press and tandoori meats - the smell alone ...! Alongside that was the Grill station: I had the most humongous wagyu burger, as well as some slices of tender brisket with yummy burnt ends. The pasta station was popular, with an extra accommodating chef and the fresh oysters and ceviche station demanded return visits. We enjoyed the foie gras with little cuts of tenderloin too! And then, dessert. I must confess, I went to the dessert lounge early on to take pics ... and sneaked a few of my favourites: The little custard pastries, baby red velvet donuts, the most luscious cheesecake squares and a wee cheeky plate of hot brownie. On my second visit, I inhaled the extremely good carrot cake and some umm ali then headed back outside to the crepe station. We finished with an ice-cream, which we enjoyed with our drinks, drinking in the view over the water. There is a supervised kids room with some really good food, a mix of healthy raw veg and nuggets and pizza type stuff. There’s a tv and some basic activities, suitable for children under 8. If I had to describe this brunch in one word, it would be ‘leisurely’. It’s not a party brunch but the music was so so good. The staff is genuine, friendly and accommodating. it runs from 1-5pm which left us plenty of time to roam around trying little bits for hours, and had the rain not come, we would’ve still been there at 5pm, completely relaxed and replete. The big question is, would we return? Absolutely! It’s a superb way to spend your Friday.

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