Amici at Yas Viceroy

Yas Island.

REVIEW! So I won the cheese and wine night for 2 at Amici, Yas Viceroy and went last Tuesday with my hubby. Something we've both never done. I was expecting to be standing around and waiters come around with plates of cheese to pick up and giving you wine.. It was actually a sit down thing where they bring you wine and a platter of breads and cheese 🧀 to your table.. LOL - Anyway, we were greeted warmly and the staff were so lovely! I was offered prosecco to start and was super happy it was PINK! My husband was on the second day of a hangover so was driving and had sprite and we shared water. They brought us a platter of cheese and bread and main menus in case we wanted any mains. I'm not a huuuuuuuge cheese person but there were some nice cheeses - apart from 1 that tasted like feet 😶 The bread and breadsticks were delicious, and there were some onion/chutney things on the side which my hubby enjoyed. Some spicy/flavoured/soft cheeses would have been a nice variety to add. We were thinking about main courses, and the waiter offered complimentary lasagne for my husband which he said yes to and a risotto for myself after I had to explain I only eat chicken for meat and don't like mushroom 😂 - I tried some white wine but it was a bit dry for me - I only like it sweet - so I stuck with the lovely pink prosecco 👑 - My risotto was gorgeousssssss and my husband loved his lasagne too! I couldn't finish as I had filled up on bread lol so took it home for lunch the next day ☺️ - We didn't have another platter as we were offered because we were full. Who knows maybe there would have been different cheeses on a second one? - We asked for a bill for the soft drinks but we were told there was nothing to pay! How incredibly nice!! - It was quiet there, which is a shame as it's a nice concept. Unlimited wine and cheese is a lot of people's idea of heaven right 😆 I would definitely recommend this, and for someone who really likes cheese and wine it's a perfect night! I will be returning with a friend soon 👌🏽 - The staff we dealt with were Filipo and Lak. Both lovely gentlemen 💙 - Thank you to Best Bites for choosing me as the winner for this lovely date night!! ☺️💕 - Food 👑👑👑👑 Service 👑👑👑👑👑 Atmosphere 👑👑👑

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