Park Inn, Yas Island.

This is my first review as I usually just stalk the page to get ideas on where to visit but I enjoyed my experience so much, I wanted to share. I went to the Friday brunch at Amerigo's Radisson on Yas Island. I couldn't be happier (except that I'm stuffed and sitting at home like a beached whale). 😂

I had been looking for a brunch that served something a bit different than what I've found to be typical here (different food stations from different countries). This one is themed and has lots of Mexican and Latin American food. I was worried because I don't eat spicy food at all but they cater to everyone with different levels of spiciness.

It's on Yas so for me living off island, it's perfect. I can't believe I haven't been taking advantage of these great deals and restaurants.

My absolute favorite part was the music. They had an amazing DJ that played every Latin hit that basically made me want to stop stuffing my face and get on the dance floor.

The food was so good, I didn't even get a picture of my first plate. 🙈🙈🙈

The pool is open to the guests as well, although I didn't know this before going. For me, the only downside was, it's very child friendly, so there were lots of children running around but for others on here, that will most definitely be something in their favor. The ambience is relaxed, chill and so fun.

The service was great. Every time I looked up, I had another drink on my table. I had the non alcoholic package but the food was definitely enough for me.

I just saw the winner for this brunch and know they'll absolutely love it! They even had a piñata for the kids!

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