All Stir Fry

Mushrif Mall.

Who doesn’t love Asian food? This Asian restaurant features street food from different parts of Asia and is a welcome respite from its neighbors in this mall's food court. Its ambiance is nice – I particularly love the colorful posters and the bird cage chandeliers. I’d say there are good choices in the menu (it was amiss though that there was no Filipino food?

Probably because there are a lot of Filipino restaurants anyways.) I ordered the Sriracha prawns, one of their "Signature" dishes. I’d say when the bowl arrived, it was good to share. The prawns are big enough, the sauce spicy yum, for me.

This meal came along with plain jasmine rice. For the drinks, I tried the Geisha something (tea?). It is a refreshing drink that cooled off my palate from the stinging sriracha. It’s lemon with a fizz. Love the mason jar it is served in. For dessert I tried the Kue Dadar just to be different. I have tried everything before on the menu and I thought this would be something very different. It is shredded coconut with sugar rolled up and fried and drizzled with chocolate. I’d say it is too sweet (well, it’s a dessert) for me. The sprig of mint on top actually made it less sugar intoxicating.

All in all, I will come back again and try the other things they have to offer. The staff is nice, the place is clean, the food was hot and fast to my table. Thank you!

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