Belinda Kirk is feeling full at Al-Ulya Portuguese Flavours Café. Rising star · 2 August · Abu Dhabi

TLDR: This place ticked all the boxes for me. Tasty food, well priced with authentic flavours. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 all round! ——————— So I’ve been taking notes every time a best biter recommends something that isn’t in a hotel. I’m all for trying out those hidden gems. Thanks to everyone who has recommended Al Ulya Portuguese cafe on various threads 🙏🏼 You’ve made my Eid weekend! I was pleasantly surprised at how cute and bright it was inside the cafe and loved the iPad menu with pictures for ordering the food. The downside is, I can’t tell you what I ordered at all, but the good news is, I took pictures of everything I ate 😬!! We went as a group of 4 and decided to try a few different dishes. The owner kindly came by to help answer questions on our food order and add some extra recommendations in the mix. We started off with the cheese balls which were fresh out the oven. Super soft with a melted cheese centre 🤤. He also gave us some tasty sweet potato fries on the house. Our croquettes then arrived. We had the spicy chicken and cheese one and a minced beef one. Both were insanely good, especially drizzled with their homemade spicy piri oil. We then had a few mains. The group favourite was the steak in a creamy mushroom sauce with fries. The flavours hit the spot and the thinly cut steak was nicely cooked. Next was the cheesy cod dish and then a prawn dish in a bread bowl which was a bit salty but fun to have none the less. Last came what I could only call the mother of all breakfast sandwiches. Wedged between two thick slices of bread was a medley of steak, sausages, fried egg and cheese. All of this, drenched in gravy! What a feast for the eyes and the belly. I’m surprised we still had space for dessert! But dessert we did indeed do 😦. You can’t not though with the beautiful chiller filled with pastries and custard like cakes. We had a custardy orange cake that was refreshing and wasn’t too sweet. We also had a flan with gorgeous caramel flavours. I had to be rolled out at this point 😂. All in all, this place ticked all the boxes for me. Tasty food, well priced with authentic flavours. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 all round! I’m looking forward to continuing my meal with the box of pastel de nata I took home 😋

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