Al Mufrakah Sudanese Restaurant

Natalie Christodoulides

Al Mufrakah Sudanese Restaurant (15% BB discount) Dishes range from 5aed-30aed. Sudanese food was a complete unknown to me before last week but after giving it a go, I can highly recommend this spot if you're looking to try something new or want to support a small business. Authentic: You know its legit when the only other diners are from Sudan! As a small family-run restaurant, Al Mufrakah take great pride in their origins, using family recipes and sourcing ingredients from Sudan to bring true Sudanese flavour to Abu Dhabi. The Falafels: They were INCREDIBLE - freshly prepared with an amazing crunch on the outside while fluffy and flavourful inside. The salads were also a treat - the Peanut Butter Salad with chopped veggies tossed in a smooth dressing made with freshly ground peanuts was refreshing while the Eggplant Salad in a tomato/peanut butter sauce was a little heavier but even more delicious. The Rest! As newbies, we were guided by their recommendations. The charcoal-grilled lamb was cooked perfectly, the portion of crispy Nile Perch fish strips was massive and the chicken Agashe was probably our favourite. The crispy outside marinated with spices and herbs would trick you to believing it's fried but it's actually barbecued! And if you like Sujuk, you'll love the Sudanese Sizzling Sujuk! #BestBitesBrief #Invited


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