Al Farah Bakery

Al Markaziya .

This is what Friday brunch looks like in our house 😏After trying many cheese breads (manakeesh) in my life in Abu Dhabi, the ones from Al Farah Bakery are, in my opinion, the best in Abu Dhabi. The bread is soft with crispy edges, plenty of cheese and flavour. I could eat these for breakfast, lunch and dinner 🙊We also order - pita bread with chickpeas and yoghurt. You can get it with meat but as a vegetarian we ordered without. This is one of my favourite dishes especially with the perfectly roasted pine nuts on top. The potion size is huge! The other dish is a bean dish called foul (thanks for the name, guys 😅) it's not to my taste but my dad likes his beans and he enjoyed it. Falafels were good too - soft on the inside and not rock hard on the outside like some places do them. As per usual, they also provided Arabic bread, pickles and salad.My dad picked it up for a take away this time. The service was good, took under 10mins to order, pay and take away. They also deliver which we've done before and they didn't have a problem finding our house, the delivery time was quick and the food was delivered fresh and hot.For 10 manakeesh (7 AED each) and the other bits and pieces, the total bill came to AED 110. Value for money is excellent and we like to have this treat every now and again.

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