Al Bait Al Sudani

Tiffany 'Megg' Johnson shared her first post.

For anyone looking for Sudanese food, Al Bait Al Sudani is the best restaurant I’ve been to. The restaurant is in the Navy Gate Area and I loved everything on the menu. It’s a nice spot I go to almost every week and the prices are very reasonable. It has the traditional Sudanese feel where the food is brought out to you on huge platters and everyone you are with shares and eats together. I’m sure I will be going again this week. I’m just a teacher who loves good food! You can tell them Tiffany the American teacher sent you 😉🥰

If you are unfamiliar with the Navy Gate Area location you can add Al Bait Al Sudani on Facebook or Instagram to better help you get there. Also entering the restaurant in the Google Maps will take you there.

I’m horrible with spelling the food name and dishes right so don’t laugh 😂.. Fatta is basically fried lamb on top of white rice with a tomato sauce and bread mixed inside, it’s sooo good. It’s only 30 AED. Mesh is the white sauce like I call it and it’s a yougurt dip, that’s 10 AED. I dip my bread in and Shatta is another sauce that’s VERY SPICY. They have these sausages that are cooked with onions and peppers as well or scrambled eggs with bacon and/or sausage cooked inside with it. I believe the sausages are called Sojok. Kidba ia available too, it’s the best tasting liver I’ve ever had and I AM NOT a fan of liver, but I’m in a new country and decided to try it. It’s 25 AED. They have egg plant salad which is AMAZING AS WELL. Salads are fresh and simple too. The purple drink is amazing too! I forgot the name 🤦🏽‍♀️ and the soup is really good as well!

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