AD Cafe

Gee Seale

AD Cafe

❤️ Possibly my favourite coffee shop right now.

I went for two reasons: the cone + the ice cream cake.

They have a special cone that is like a small ice cream cone lined with thick chocolate. Coffee is served in it and then the cone is eaten. How environmentally friendly is that?! 😹

I ordered a flat white (they did not have any non-dairy milk available) in a cone, my husband went boring and ordered a standard flat white. The coffees were excellent. Strong and delicious.

In addition, I ordered the AD ice cream dessert which came on a plate with warm chocolate poured over it when served. This is made of sugary goodness. It’s like a chocolate coated ice cream stick on top of a brownie on top of marshmallow fluff. See the pics and video attached.

It was amazing.

The coffees were 20AED each. The cone coffee is usually 26AED but they are having a special at the moment to try and get rid of their current inventory. Admittedly, the cone was a little stale but absolutely still edible. It was no worse than the ones you can buy in the supermarket for ice cream.

Would I recommend? 100% yes. The coffees are great and reasonably priced. The quality is comparable to other places I’ve recently been to but cheaper.

Would I return? 100% absolutely yes. I didn’t even care they didn’t have a dairy free alternative!

Note: Despite what their website and Instagram says, weekend hours are 1pm-11pm. Turn up at 11am (as per the website and like us today) and be you’ll disappointed.

The other AD cafe location is just a few minutes away is take-away only and is set up at the back of the shops almost like drive through style.

AlMuroor Road - Next to Mohammed Bin Zayed Stadium +971 50 772 3798


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