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One of our most popular questions is ‘where can I take my guests, with a sea view and great food?’ And now, our answer will be ‘take them to Tean!’ Jumeirah at Saadiyat Island Resort, is nothing short of majestic. And to start, it’s worth noting a few points: First, it’s ON the beach. You walk into a lobby full of dramatic sea tones: greys, blues, white ... a mirror of the ocean beyond and so close you can hear the waves breaking - so dramatic! Secondly, the genuinely warm welcome of the staff - nothing plastic here. Oh, and literally, nothing plastic here! This is a single use plastic free hotel. Guests are given a water bottle, which they get for the duration of their stay, and can refill from water coolers. Straws aren’t plastic. Bottles are glass. How cool is that?!! Now, onto the food. Tean (fig in Arabic) is white and warm and funky and has a view to the beach. The food is good, very good actually. It’s a mixture of Arabic cuisines, all prepared extremely well and presented even more beautifully than expected. We tried a mixture of signature dishes and tried and true recipes - but done with a twist. Notable of the cold mezze was the most superb, creamy hummous with lamb and the beetroot moutabal, marinated overnight, and accompanied by Persian feta. We loved the lobster kibbeh and the shrimp fattoush - that’s the twist I was talking about and was maybe my favourite dish. All these mezze were between AED25 and AED50 which we thought was affordable for most. We had high hopes for the mains and weren’t disappointed by the huge chunks of tender, corn fed shish taouk and Angus beef shish kebab. Melt in your mouth! There are so many more mains I want to try: the lamb chops, the chermoula king prawns ... the list goes on. Desserts were excellent: were all in agreement that the crispy, cheesy kunafa with a touch of cinnamon was by far the best we’ve tasted anywhere. And the deconstructed walnut and cinnamon baklava, sandwiched together with fig ice cream, was divine. Drinks were truly excellent: mocktails and cocktails around AED45 and outstanding, interesting, true-to-theme taste. We strolled out to visit Mare Mare, the outdoor Italian (watch this space) and up to The Lounge on the roof and were impressed by all of it. We vow to return soon to this eminently beautiful, welcoming and ... accessible hotel. You’ve got us hooked, Jumeirah! #advertorial

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