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Qoot Wellness - Weekly meal plan delivery Desperate for a kickstart to my diet, I tried out the Qoot Wellness meal plan program this summer for one week. Each day, the driver delivered my box at the agreed time with all meals and snacks for the days. Each day consisted of breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks. A variety of breakfasts were served over the week - sweet potato pancakes, porridge, aubergines with a tomato sauce, courgettes with chickpeas etc. I enjoyed that the food was not too ‘breakfasty’. I like to have something more filling and less sweet in the morning (11am if you can call it morning 😆). Lunch was designed to be the main meal of the day with a selection of meat (chicken, beef or fish) and vegetables. The lunches were filling without being heavy with additional sauce that you could add if wanted. I liked that they didn’t just try to remove all carbohydrates - the salmon came with mashed potatoes and one of the other days had roast potato cubes. Everything in moderation! The dinners stayed on the light side which they say is best for weight loss. The salad was different every night - quinoa salad, beetroot salad, Moroccan carrot salad etc. I preferred to keep at least one snack until after dinner as salads alone aren’t very satisfying for me. For the first few days the snacks were a small sandwich (tuna, chicken) and something more sweet but I’m not a big fan of sandwiches so I asked them to change it up for me and the next day I had fresh fruit salad and delicious, fresh protein yoghurt. They offer three packages - executive lunches (5x lunch per week), one for those who work out a lot and the normal weight loss one (which I tried). Overall I think it was a good way to start my diet and is very convenient as my meals are ready for the rest of the day. Some dishes were better than others but Qoot was very receptive to my feedback and adjusted my orders to my taste.

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