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So we’re there, at BiCE, relaxing, shisha on the go, enjoying the ambiance by the pool, background music tinkling through the night, complaining about how full we were after iftar and how that second piece of kunafah displayed very, very poor judgement ... and then the pizzas arrived. Booooom! Game. Changed. Honestly, if we were dogs, our ears would’ve pricked up, ready for action! Because I’m ‘rachaelbestbites’, I had to take one for the team. Just a bite, I said. For research purposes. And the review. But oh my wooooorrrd, it was good. My oooohs and aaahhhhhs slowly enticed my poor full friends and eventually, they were all at it: exclaiming over the dough and the toppings and the Italianness of it all - the tuna and caramelized onion was my fave, the Diavola was popular as was the simple not simple margarita. And plans were made: ‘let’s not go to iftar next time, let’s come here and eat ALL the pizzas and the rest of the menu, and have drinks, and let’s never leave!’ And so we will. And so should you.

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