Eastern Mangroves.

I was staying away from best bites for sometime in order to stick to my diet but my brunch yesterday (it was my birthday hence a cheat day ;) ) has gravitated me back to write a review.

If you’re on the hunt for a fine dining steakhouse,head to BOA Steakhouse at the Eastern Mangroves Promenade. It’s situated round the back of the Eastern Mangroves hotel and sits elegantly above the promenade, promising a bright and breezy terrace with stunning mangroves and city views.

But with the temperature outdoors during this time of the year we preferred to be seated inside. The indoors is as stunning as the outdoors with an ultra modern and edgy vibe. I have heard great things about BOA so I tempted the other half with tales of juicy steaks. So expectations were quite high.

For only AED 249 per person for a set menu, the brunch was luxurious with both alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages. We were recommended the BOA passion-a mix of mango and passion fruit mocktail by the staff and it was so good that we went on refilling our glasses and were literally half-full by the time the food arrived. The menu offers a tapas style selection of smaller sharing dishes, six or seven courses of them to be precise so there is certainly no shortage of food.

The food started with the classics-Nachos and Prawn Caesar salad. The salad was absolutely lip smackingly delicious and so were the nachos with a perfect pairing of guacamole and tomato salsa! I could sense a pair of gleaming eyes seated right opposite to me which confirmed my thoughts. A perfect start!

Next came the crispy calamari which was crispy and delicious that we had to go ahead and ask for 2 more rounds of it. The tacos were with tuna which did not quite appeal to our taste buds. These were succeeded by the sliders and the chicken kebabs.I loved the modern take on the traditional chicken kebabs. The presentation was modern, compact and neat letting the food speak for itself.

Finally our much awaited steaks arrived *whistle* by this time we were totally full so when you go i recommend to leave a little room for the steaks.It was such a vast spread that my eyes literally turned into the heart-eyed emoji 😍. The steaks were served with a choice of house-made sauces including Boa’s own J-1 sauce and perfect sides of beautiful silky garlic mashed potatoes,fries & veggies. The steaks were clear examples of beautiful prime cuts of beef and we found them to be perfectly cooked to our liking and was juicy and tender. I’d definitely recommend the J-1 sauce as something to try, for me, it was a perfect accompaniment to a steak and something refreshingly different.

I was wondering what would top this beautiful spread but the dessert did come close. They had brownies, opera cake and fruit tart on the menu. All gulped down by us in seconds!!

Coming to the service, the staff actually held a conversation with us during the required table check-ups, and their chat isn’t the standard norm. They’re fun, engaging, and know when to talk and when to leave you alone – a difficult balance that not many waiters get right.

The theme was a lazy Saturday brunch. It was lazy as promised and we thoroughly enjoyed our brunch.

Food 🌟🌟🌟🌟(can i give more?)


Service 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Value for money 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

The vibe, the decor, the food and the service at BOA succeed at setting this place apart from its competition.

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