restaurant offers in abu dhabi

Where do the Reviews on the website come from?

All the reviews come from the Best Bites Abu Dhabi Facebook group

Who can review?

Anyone who belongs to the Facebook group can review.

How long does a review need to be?

There’s no limit on the length of a review.

Do I need to rate the restaurant using stars?

We’d like you to, but we think that what’s one person’s 5 is another person’s 4, so it’s not essential!

Can I mention alcohol and pork?

Yes you can but please be respectful in the way that you discuss these.

Can I take pics of alcohol and pork?

Yes you can but the pictures must not show any other person drinking alcohol.

Can I use photos from the restaurant’s website or social media accounts in my review?

Using your own pictures adds to the authenticity of your review. We would prefer you not to use those posted on the outlet’s website.

Is it ok to write negative reviews?

Yes it is, as long as they are well balanced and respectful to the restaurant and the staff. Any review we think crosses lines of defamation or food standards, or that we deem to be disrespectful or alleges a crime took place will be removed by the Admin team.

Can I post a review from my personal blog?

No you can’t. These will be removed.

Can I post pictures of other people?

Not unless you have their permission or have blurred them out.

Can I review outlets outside Abu Dhabi?

If they are in Dubai or the Northern Emirates you can post on Best Bites Dubai https://www.facebook.com/groups/1507802762858912/?ref=bookmarks.

If you are outside the UAE you can review directly onto the website on the BB Abroad page


Can I swap Entertainer vouchers on the group?


What qualifies for Review of the Week?

For a review to win Review of the Week, it needs to be well-written and have great pics to match.

How do I enter competitions?

Read what the competition needs to you do, then enter on that post

Can I advertise my restaurant on the group?

You can contact either rachael@bestbitesabudhabi, natalie@bestbitesabudhabi or rebecca@bestbitesabudhabi and we will send you our list of services and media kit.

Can I recommend a restaurant if I/myfamily/my partner/my close friend works at the venue?

You can if you state your affiliation (say that you work there) and you are trying to point the person in that direction. This does not mean you have to say I WORK THERE, but do say ‘we …’, ‘… us …’ – anything that makes it look like you’d be welcoming someone.

How do we know which places have Best Bites discounts?

Check our Offers page on the website and keep an eye on the Facebook group for ads https://www.bestbitesabudhabi.com/bestbitesadoffers

How do I use the discounts?

Simply show on your phone that you belong to the group. If you’re making a reservation, it is often a good idea to tell them that you will be using the discount.

How many times can I use the discount?

As many times as you like!

How can I contact the Admins of the group?

Send an email to either rachael@bestbitesabudhabi, natalie@bestbitesabudhabi or rebecca@bestbitesabudhabi

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