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The restaurant scene in Abu Dhabi is arguably one of the fastest growing and most exciting in the world.   


In 2014, we started Best Bites Abu Dhabi on Facebook so we could get to know the hundreds of fantastic eateries that Abu Dhabi has to offer.  We love finding hidden gems, small out-of-the-way places that might not be well known, but that serve delicious food.  We also want to know how our old favourites are doing and what’s new in the ever-expanding restaurant industry in Abu Dhabi.



















Who can review a restaurant? Anyone! That’s the beauty of Best Bites, it does what it says on the tin: it’s chock full of real reviews by real people.  We have upwards of 29,000+ members and Best Bites Abu Dhabi has proven to be the ‘go-to’ site for the definitive word on where’s good to eat in the city. 


Now, those same reviews that start on Facebook end up here.  We also explore dishes from the hundreds of cuisines in Abu Dhabi, we meet the chefs who serve them and get to know others in the industry who make it the vibrant and compelling scene it is. 


If you’d like us to run a competition on your behalf or to hear about what else we can offer you, please email hello@bestbitesabudhabi.com


Kiss goodbye to your diets people and greet your stretchy pants with open arms!


Best Bites:  broadening culinary horizons along with waistlines ;)



Rachael Partington

Fact: no one makes it as well as my mum.

And obviously: double apple shisha is the best.

But please: stop the deconstruction madness!

Love food, food pics, food chats, BB.

Follow me on Instagram @snackchatty!



Pastry Chef, cheese lover & Toronto native. I shamelessly love food trends and plan on eating my way around the world. Best advice: when in doubt, add butter! 

Natalie Christodoulides

Abu Dhabi born and raised. Obsessed with food, social media, make up and animals.

Ginger ninja in my spare time.

Follow me on Instagram @doodlesbelly!


My two main passions in life are travelling  and food. Nothing beats a night out with good company and great food. I have lived in the U.A.E for four years, and love the variety of different foods and restaurants on offer here.

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